Growth Mind set ? Either win or learn

Growth Mind set ? Either win or learn

Sometimes we all muse over the question – Is there any natural predisposition to success? Suppose you are presented with a set of problems to solve. But they are hard enough for you to understand. What would be your response? Would you love the challenge or find yourself in a shock of knowing less?

Let us start with the second category. People who fall here feel the autocracy of the moment and are gripped by it helplessly. It’s no wonder what they can do next. They will either cheat, do worse, or run from the situation. This is because the probability of learning is naught.

The first category believes that their abilities can grow in tricky situations. This is possible with hard work and perseverance. This is the growth mind set. As we get more inclined towards any of these mental make-ups, they become our natural way of thinking. 

In the journey of entrepreneurship, a growth mind set is the key requisite. It is a magical perspective that changes normality into wonder and setbacks into curiosity. Like a turbocharger, a growth mind set drives an entrepreneur steadfast towards his goal. It is this attitude that determines his direction and encourages creativity, builds determination and team-work, imparts an integrated goal and brings success. But once the way of thinking gets (bracketed), how do we break through our own psychology? The stride from conservative to creative, from uncertainty to trust is a fundamental shift which is possible if we work along the following action lines:


1.Supersede ‘Failure’ with ‘Learning’Opportunities do not always come our way for intended success but they do ensure growth. There are many times when entrepreneurial initiatives fail, partnerships collapse, right clients are not found, sales lay dormant, and business expectations are not met. Instead of losing your spirit at these times, understand what the situation is trying to teach. It is the attitude that matters. Every failure is a stepping stone to final success.



2.Develop your business muscle by trying and making mistakes

It is comforting to play safe but the future of your business needs sustained growth. Capturing a bigger market might mean stepping out of the comfort zone but once you start, the journey becomes rather exciting. Those who do not make mistakes have never tried. Learn from mistakes and develop your niche by challenging each limitation that your mind puts on your expansion.


3. Create a business intelligence roadmap

Entrepreneurs need a competitive insight and smart investment of time to achieve business goals and fulfil its vision. Developing a Business Intelligence plan of action is a conscious effort to grow from a fixed mind set. It involves making the way, helps you see how far you have to go, and measures progress at each step.


4. Stir your ideas with constructive criticism

Sometimes, we feel satisfied within our dark, fixed compartments. But from there, we miss the light of the sun. At such times, constructive criticism acts as a valuable tool that helps entrepreneurs grow professionally, nurtures understanding with the staff, and builds strong relationships. Criticism can be understood if it is well-reasoned and taken in a positive spirit. Here the object of focus is the improvement area instead of an individual.

5. Drive past your talents, into fresh new domains
 While talent sees what you are good at in an often rigid way, potential determines what you can become. Professional growth can be planned just like business growth. Identify your potential and challenge yourself with new responsibilities and training. Contour your career path and grow in those areas where you thought it was impossible.
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