Let Your Strengths Rise Above Weaknesses

Let Your Strengths Rise Above Weaknesses

An American entrepreneur and researcher, Donald O. Clifton in the book Now, Discover your Strengths from Gallup, highlights the importance of developing entrepreneurial strengths by making bold comparisons. According to him, enterprisers can create a world-class version of their own when they look for true strengths inside, failing which they may end up living as a second-rate version of someone else’s life.

Best Leadership Trainer who manage a team of employees, small & mid-sized business owners, policymakers, investors, or trainees/learners who aspire to bring out the best of their own – whatever role you are playing in the business world, developing your strengths is like standing in the gold mine. It gives access to the rarest of gems.  But strengths are not all we have. We are a mixture of virtues and shortcomings. Consciously or unconsciously, both affect us in the professional realm. How do they influence our journey & success? Why is it important to analyze ourselves? How do we enjoy growth by maximizing our performance? Let us dive into the details.

Fix weaknesses or develop strengths – Where to focus?

Most of us enjoy spending our valuable time highlighting our and others' weaknesses and taking measures to fix them. This is because we have been taught like this since childhood. Most parents would comment on the subjects in which their child is poorly performing rather than highlighting his strengths which may lie in other subjects, sports, or any other activity. While the whole intention behind this may be to improve, it is cognizant to know that making weaknesses as a center of attraction has an adjourning effect on our whole personality. Such attitude goes deep inside of us and we keep fixing the incomplete part of our personality to feel whole while ignoring the important aspect i.e. our strength. Think of how we all enjoy the beauty of a rose. Despite the thorns and prickles present around it, we pick it up to cherish its fragrance and color while being careful that our hands do not get a jab. An entrepreneur should follow a similar approach towards his strengths and weaknesses

While focussing on strengths, it is also important to understand our weaknesses and manage them effectively so that we do not fall prey to them. This is done by being mindful and carefully minimizing them to the point that they become irrelevant. 

Follow a strength-based approach

The journey of entrepreneurship is of recognizing one’s talents and developing them into competencies. When strengths are cultivated in this way, the result is absolutely uplifting. Suppose you are good at communication skills. Once you have recognized the talent, practice it, develop memory enhancing skills, and try to bring up sensitive issues into verbal conversations using appropriate tools for more effective communication. The improvement process can be undertaken by drawing on facilities like coaching, workshops, and holding the hand of a business coach. The Business Coach in Delhi offer new perspectives and insights to leverage your strengths. In this way, you will end up being more efficient and maybe the best in your domain. Think of the joy you feel when the strengths are strengthened further. Let us enumerate it into a model:

The Route to Success

1. Awareness of Talent

2. Improvisation process

3. Strength Development

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