Are you aware of your weaknesses?

Are you aware of your weaknesses?

I was in a monthly meeting last evening when one of our employees said: “Nobody is perfect in this imperfect world, so why people are fearful of being imperfect?”.

This touched my heart instantly and I told him what is the need to be perfect? 

Even imperfection says I-M-PERFECT.

Everybody on this planet is imperfect, everybody has some of the other imperfections or weaknesses, but that doesn’t mean that we will stop living. Improving these weaknesses is what we have to look for.

Everybody has some strengths and talents which they acquire or are born with. In the same way, people are born with some weakness or acquire in life. But that doesn’t mean that we are incapable of doing something.

However, to become a better person in life we have to overcome our weaknesses and imperfections.

But before that, we have to be aware of our weaknesses. We all have a few states of awareness which are :

knowing that we know, 

knowing that we don’t know, 

not knowing that we know and 

not knowing that we don't know!

We ought to be aware of the weaknesses we possess and the state we are in. If we are unable to identify the state, then we will surely not be able to address these weaknesses too.

Once you are able to identify your weaknesses, you are able to address them. And even, sometimes you turn these weaknesses into your strengths.

Weaknesses are primarily of 4 types of physical, mental or intellect level and emotional. 

If you are weak physically, you can visit a doctor or join a workout session. Also, you can get in touch with a nutritionist so that if there is nutritional deficiency you can curb it. Also, you can join a physical activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle. As if your physically fit and active you will become more positive and optimistic.

Mental weakness can mainly arise from stress and depression. If you are leading a stressful or depressing life then there are chances that you will gradually become weak-mentally. So to overcome that, you ought to be positive about situations. And if the weakness is taking over you physically then you immediately need to consult a medical professional.

Emotional weakness can be due to your childhood conditioning, upbringing or your current environment. Emotional weakness can hamper your daily life. Being emotional is not a bad thing, however, you have to be emotionally balanced not weak. Being emotionally balanced can help us attain flexibility in our thought process and help us to deal with negative thoughts. It inturns boost positivity.

Once you overcome your weaknesses, you are transformed into a stronger personality, a better and improved version of yourself.